Charleston Team Building

Charleston Team Building


Working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic can make it difficult to build and maintain a cohesive team. During these unprecedented times, keeping a focus on team connections and engagement is vital for American businesses. With more time spent isolated and away from others, finding ways to virtually connect with team members has become an activity in itself. However, these virtual connections are merely just that…virtual.

At a time when employees need to feel connected more than ever, it’s shared experiences that will help them get through each day. Employee engagement is a key component for success.


Nothing can replace in person interactions or a great outdoor adventure!



Team Bonding in Charleston

Leadership and Team Bonding programs in Charleston


COVID-19 safety


We aren’t suggesting that it’s time for a group hug – not yet anyway! Wild Blue Ropes keeps social distancing measures in place, for all groups and teams. We adhere to CDC, state, and local health protocols to protect everyone’s safety.

Wild Blue Ropes outdoor team adventure programs allow co-workers to practice social distancing rules in a fun and practical way. Combine this with active problem solving and you have an awesome, in-person team building activity that the entire group will benefit from. So gather the team together, in a wide-open outdoor area, and give them space to reconnect with COVID-safe team-building activities.

Whatever you do, it’s time to take a moment to enjoy the feeling of sharing a smile and a laugh with your team in real-life rather than over a screen – and keep safe!


Are you planning a team building activity or training program in the city of Charleston? You don’t need to settle for something basic – you can do something fun, unexpected, and local. Let Wild Blue Ropes create a custom team building program for you to reignite and meaningfully engage your group! Custom programs are available at our Charleston ropes course, or at any location you choose.