Get pumped up at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park



In the time of COVID-19, it’s sometimes hard to know what day or the week it is!


Yet another Monday is here. Some of us are dragging to get the week started, while others are full on crushing it!


Yes – we get it. Monday motivation is often hard to come by! With a full inbox, and your weekly calendar booked with a million Zoom meetings, it’s hard to find that energy. What if we told you that being active and exercising at the beginning of the work week ignites positive energy that helps make the rest of your days more productive? Fitting in a Monday workout could benefit you in more ways than one.

1. You’ll be more likely to work out the rest of the week. Kicking off Monday with physical activity influences your work-out behaviors for the rest of the week. When you get of to a fresh start, the remainder of the week tends to follow suit.

2. You’ll reduce anxiety. Physical exercise releases endorphins which helps to lessen general anxiety. Bonus: If you are engaged in outdoor activities, the sunshine provides an extra boost of happiness!

3. You’ll reignite self-discipline.  Studies show that among the many psychological benefits of exercise, individual self control is improved. 

4. You’ll improve cognitive function. Physical exercise builds healthier brain cells, thereby improving memory, concentration, and general performance.

5. You’ll sleep better. Exercise does in fact improve sleep quality.



Mix up your workout for greater health benefits


So working out on Monday is nothing new to you? Don’t fall into the same old / same old routine. Repeating the same exercises all the time not only curbs your enthusiasm, but is also not great for building muscle. As your body adapts to the same exercise routine, muscle development stagnates, and you stop making gains and improvements.

In order to avoid this, you need to mix up your routine a little. Mixing things up breathes new life into old practices. There’s no limit on what you can do and where you can do it, so think outside the box. Try taking your workout outdoors; perhaps to your neighborhood adventure park. We believe that when it comes to fitness fun is the name of the game! Your body will benefit from a new challenge, and your Monday morning fitness motivation will stay high!

So kick of your Mondays with a WILD workout! Come climb with us.


Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park is OPEN daily during Summer 2020.