Come climb with us Charleston


Anyone driving down Folly Road has probably noticed that GIGANTIC wooden jungle gym! Though Wild Blue Ropes was uninhabited for a while (due to COVID-19), it’s OPEN now for anyone looking to get a workout high above the ground.  Certainly during a time where the world seems at a precipice, we could all benefit from a little active time outdoors.

Physical Benefits

Climbing is a sport that builds strength, flexibility and coordination. It also keeps your body and muscles energized and healthy. A high ropes course is not overly competitive. Personal goals are set by each individual, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your regular work out.

Mental Benefits

Physically speaking, navigating a challenge course is incredible exercise. However, climbing outdoors also instills focus, balance, determination, and a sense of calm. There is no place better to escape reality for a bit or to decompress and unwind – especially after being cooped up for months during the pandemic. Multiple studies show that exercising outdoors decreases feelings of tension, anger, and depression. That’s not all! As you encounter obstacles along the way, and prepare to overcome them, your problem solving abilities increase.


Climbing outdoors is truly a great way to keep your mind engaged, while relieving stress and tension. Leisure activities offer a form of escape from everyday demands on individuals, and are critical at a time when our world feels topsy turvy. It’s a much needed time to unwind and bond with others (at a safe social distance) and have some fun. It’s also a great way to nurture relationships, bring healing, and restore wellness.

Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park Charleston SC

So come exercise your body and mind at Wild Blue Ropes!

Don’t forget the importance of spending time outside or underestimate the health benefits. Come climb with us!

Conveniently located just minutes from Historic Downtown Charleston, and Folly Beach, Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park offers a selection of outdoor adventure courses for people of all ages and abilities.