Teams that play together…stay together!


“I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.” – Lao-Tzu

Take your organization on an exciting team building journey ~ designed to engage & ignite dynamic thinking. Powerful group activities and experiential learning will bring your team together, breaking down the barriers to creativity, collaboration, and cooperation in a unique, fun environment. Challenge your team, while having fun at the same time. Contact Wild Blue Ropes today to book your group! We’re proud to host companies, small businesses, and other youth programs across the Charleston, SC area.

Wild Blue Ropes offers a variety of activities to choose from including ground exercises, low elements, high ropes obstacles, and ninja-fit challenges. The highly trained Wild Blue Crew will assist you in choosing the best course of action to meet your specific objectives. Forge stronger teams, increase communication, develop leadership skills, and much, much more in an experiential learning environment.

We can serve groups on site, or come to you, crafting incredible experiences that will make your team closer and stronger than ever before.


Take your organization on an exciting, Charleston Team Building journey ~ designed to engage & ignite dynamic thinking. Transcend comfort zones, inspire growth, boost collaboration & improve communication. Enhance group relationships through powerful activities that break down individual walls, and improve work as a cohesive unit.

Wild Blue offers a variety of experiential activities to chose from including ground exercises, low elements, high ropes obstacles, and ninja-fit challenges. Our highly trained staff will assist you in choosing the best course of action to meet your specific objectives.


Shake up your next outing, excursion, or get-together at an unexpected & unique venue. Group bonding at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park encourages unity in the form of fun!

Fun is a great motivator, and bringing individuals together as a group fosters improved collaboration & connections. Providing the opportunity to connect with one another in a different setting, allows folks to experience each other in a new & exciting way. The benefits of Wild Blue Ropes group bonding programs iclude camaraderie, shared experience, positivity, and encouragement.

No matter what type of group, club, celebration, or event let WBR help bring you closer together with a customized plan to reach your goals.



Leadership is both a teachable & learnable skill. At Wild Blue Ropes, our leadership training programs focus on improving soft skills.

Soft skills are known to be a vital component in effective leaders; they are what take technical skill to the next level. Leadership training at Wild Blue Ropes fuses experiential learning with outdoor adventure to foster meta-skills ~ including —adaptability, mindfulness, active listening, humility & gratitude. These skills are key to achieving goals or objectives in most any context. Story telling is also natural by product of any visit to Wild Blue Ropes, due to the hand-on active nature of the ropes course environment.

Enhancing individual effectiveness, Wild Blue leadership programs challenge participants to step out of their everyday routine to take on something exciting, adventurous & potentially life changing.


Helping each other attain success is a vital key to victory at a competitive level. Let Wild Blue Ropes help your players foster the power of cohesion & teamwork.

Wild Blue Ropes provides athletes with an opportunity to connect with one another. Teams that understand each member’s strengths and weaknesses are better prepared to adapt to changing game situations. In addition, players & coaches who come together on the ropes learn to trust one another ~ and trust helps to win games.

Wild Blue Ropes development exercises encourage focus, goal attainment, concise communication, positive imagery, increased motivation & confidence ~ improving skills that are vital on and off the field.


“We brought our team of ten to Wild Blue Ropes for a team-building outing and we all had a BLAST!  The instructor was well equipped to guide us through the experience and had great points to explain obstacles we run into working with others along with great tools to help us realize how we could communicate even better.  This was an EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!  Thank you!”

Janet F.


At the Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, we offer opportunities for personal challenge. Whether you aim to conquer your perceived limitations or move beyond individual comfort zones, we’ve got the experience for you. Our team believes success is what happens when failure is confronted head-on, and ultimately turned upside down. It’s a “challenge by choice” philosophy, encouraging each individual to participate, engage, and grow from the experience. 

The common theme of all Wild Blue Ropes programs is to promote physical activity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Providing visitors with a unique opportunity for personal exploration and gaining self-confidence is what we’re passionate about.

But we’re more than just a destination. We strive to provide unparalleled customer service while providing you with the best, most unique, outdoor experience in Charleston, SC!



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