“Sometimes a change of perspective is all it takes to see the light.” ― Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol #thursdaythoughts #getoutside #refresh #renew #climbing #wellness #adventurepark #obstaclecourse #charlestonsc


2020 has certainly been one helluva year around the globe.

We all know that daily life is filled with positives and negatives, and for many of us it’s so damn easy to focus on one over the other. But some good news: YOU get to choose what you want to focus on with a simple shift of perspective.

Sure it takes bravery, determination, and action to change your perspective. And certainly during these exceptionally challenging times, it’s simply not just an overnight process. Distancing yourself from negativity, and tuning out for a while, is as vital as breathing these days!

Come Climb with Us!


Climbing is demanding, and requires your full attention. It’s a challenge that is equal parts physical and mental. Studies have shown that exercise is useful for reducing stress because exercising raises our levels of norepinephrine, a brain chemical that helps us respond to stress. Getting outdoors is also beneficial in stress-relief. Vitamin D, sunshine, and fresh air helps to decrease stress levels, no matter how anxious we feel before climbing.

Picture yourself standing in front of a 72 element structure, suspended up to 35 ft in the air. You are wearing a protective harness and helmet. You begin one step at a time, ultimately climbing higher and higher. Every obstacle you face forces you to think with your body as much as your brain.



Find an activity you enjoy — and make it part of your regular routine.



The next time YOU feel anxious, worried, or stressed, challenge yourself to go climbing!

The view from up top is sure to make you feel better.


Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park in Charleston SC is OPEN daily from 10 am – 6pm.