wild blue ropes charleston


Ditch the lazy days of summer and add Wild Blue Ropes to your ultimate bucket list – It’s sure to satisfy your fever for fun! If you’re reading our blog, chances are you’ve heard about us and our SUPER COOL ropes course. Perhaps you’ve joined us already, or maybe you’re on the fence about visiting because you don’t know what to expect and you’re waiting for just the right time? Summer is the perfect time for making memories and experiencing things you’ve never tried before (or wish to experience again).

Part of the ropes course experience is based on the concept of perceived risk and creating environments that often require you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone while remaining physically and emotionally stable. Once you put on your helmet and climbing gear, your pulse quickens at the thought of conquering over 70 obstacles at 35 feet in the air.

Although the task may seem daunting, once you get up on the course, you’ll be flying in no time. Thanks to our skilled and encouraging staff on the course, you’re in incredible hands. But if you do find yourself in a pickle and need help, they’ll be right there to help coach you along.

So put on your sneakers and head to Wild Blue Ropes for a solid day of swinging, jumping, and climbing to your fullest potential. Whether it’s your first visit – or your 50th – a bucket list worthy experience always awaits!