It’s no secret that we have been living in turbulent times, and our children have often borne the brunt of those difficulties. If your child has gone too long without making a new friend, trying new activities, practicing social interactions, or simply embarking on a new adventure, booking a session at a local summer camp can make a huge difference. Camps will be playing an integral role this summer for a variety of reasons, as schools let out for vacation and restrictions continue to lift. 

Summer Camp Lets Your Child Meet New People

Opportunities to meet and interact with new people have become much less prevalent in the past several years. Depending on your school district, your child might not have met new children or adults face-to-face in months. This time in your child’s social development is more critical than you may realize. Children need in-person social time with one another to establish important boundaries and skills. They also need to spend time with different adults so they can observe different behaviors, learn to model new things, and learn to become comfortable with all kinds of people. Summer camps also offer team-building activities so your child can practice effectively contributing to a community.

Camp Provides New Experiences and Learning Opportunities

Different experiences, such as adventure parks and obstacle courses, provide enrichment on a social, mental, and physical scale. Spontaneous “teachable moments” don’t happen as often as they once did due to mask protocols, lockdowns, and quarantines. While familiar surroundings and activities can provide a sense of comfort, every child needs to be exposed to new things now and then so they can get the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop critical thinking or decision-making skills. At summer camp, your child will learn new skills; their counselors will encourage them in different directions based on their enthusiasm and interests. 

Your Child Can Practice Healthy Emotional Expression at Summer Camp

Not only will your child be learning new things at camp, but they will be learning how to appropriately respond to those new things. They will learn to work with peers to overcome an obstacle or solve a problem, developing their creative thinking and communication skills as they go. Each child will get the opportunity to succeed – and sometimes fail. As we all know, learning how to take risks regardless of the outcome is an important step in everyone’s personal growth. Breaking the monotony of quarantine and learning how to try new things with grace and emotional maturity is an important component of every local summer camp this year. 

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Wild Blue Ropes offers team-building exercises, ropes courses, and enrichment activities in a fun, safe environment. In our camp setting, your child will be free to run around, play, and socialize. We offer both structured and unstructured playtime to help your child build essential skills while enjoying time with his or her peers. Wild Blue Ropes serves children and families in the Charleston and James Island, SC region. If you want to learn more about our camp, don’t hesitate to reach out today