Designed to challenge, entertain, and inspire, WBR award-winning summer camp programs focus on developing physical, social, and decision-making skills. The camps also promote self-confidence, fitness, and provide plenty of FUN. It’s our mission to make sure all campers unplug, engage, and enjoy our Charleston outdoor adventure park.

The Wild Blue Crew is a carefully selected bunch of highly-qualified individuals who are passionate about outdoor recreation. Wild Blue Ropes is committed to providing a positive and supportive summer camp experience for both your child and you. Whether you are looking for fun summer activities for the kids (or just a little break for yourself) Wild Blue offers a day camp program that’s the perfect antidote for summer days in the Charleston Lowcountry.

Wild Blue Explorers (NEW in 2020)
Ages 4 – 8

WBR Explorers Day Camp program for ages 4-8 is a fantastic first step for children to experience Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, and get comfortable on the ropes. This camp program is a great choice for younger kids or those looking to learn a little bit more about how a ropes course works.  

Easy to navigate, balance, and climb, children 4 and up are able to make their way through the 15-foot high 7 element Explorers Gateway. Young climbers also spend time on WBR’s ground elements engaging in cooperative games, outdoor playtime, and hands on activities. Plenty of unstructured play allows our campers to explore, make-believe, and discover within the grounds of the Wild Blue Adventure Park.

Once fully proficient on the Explorers Gateway course, campers will advance to the Wild Blue Challenge Course at the culmination of camp. A celebration of individual achievements caps off the week.

What Awaits Your Child at the WBR Explorers Camp?

Adventure: Exciting adventures await your camper at Wild Blue Ropes. Explorers learn how to work with others, build meaningful relationships, accept guidance, and develop decision-making skills. Together we’ll make new friends, and most of all have fun!
Playtime: What’s a camp without games? Wild Blue Ropes Explorers day camp offers specific daily activities that are balanced between structured and unstructured play. The cooperative and fun games encourage and promote positive self-image, social interactions, and exercise.
Outdoor Recreation: Young children are naturally drawn to being outdoors, which is central to good health, development, and well being. WBR campers enjoy 3 hours per day outside & unplugged.               

Wild Blue Warriors (2020)
Ages 8 -14

Our WBR Warrior Day Camp for ages 8 -14 is designed for those children who are already proficient on the Explorers Gateway course. Utilizing WBR ground elements, the Explorers Gateway, the Challenge Course, and the Ninja-Fit Course – the WBR Warrior Camp program provides campers with opportunities to cultivate cooperation, leadership, and personal responsibility. This camp provides unique physical and mental challenges while exploring the heights of outdoor recreation. 

Warriors go through a progression of initiatives ranging from simple to complex as they face each new obstacle. Campers have opportunities to feel challenged, set personal goals, and learn to work for success. WBR Warriors are supervised by our well-trained staff who participate through demonstration, instruction, and support.

This camp is a great choice for kids with some climbing experience who are looking to build on their existing skill sets. A celebration of achievement caps off this fun-filled week.

What Awaits Your Child at the WBR Warrior Camp?

Adventure: This fun-filled and active camp program teaches climbing basics, parkour elements, and physical fitness. Some obstacles take sheer grit to cross, while others may test balance or spatial skills. Whether walking across a swinging bridge, or traversing the Tarzan ropes, tons of adventures await our Wild Blue Warrior campers.
Playtime: The WBR Challengers Day Camp offers specific daily games that balance structured and unstructured play. Campers learn how to work with others, build meaningful relationships, accept guidance, and develop decision making skills. All of these life skills foster independence and confidence.
Outdoor Recreation: There are inherent links between time spent outdoors and better memory, improved executive function, and a deeper sense of well being. The WBR Warrior program puts campers to the test both physically and mentally. Spending active time outside on the ropes ensures an amazing summer week to remember!


Charleston’s award-winning summer camp programs

Charleston Summer Camp enrollment opens on 2/15/2020

Wild Blue Ropes award-winning day camp programs in Charleston run weekly from 9am – 12pm. All sessions are co-ed, and the following program dates are offered:

Wild Blue Explorers (Session 1): June 15 – June 19, 2020                      Wild Blue Warriors (Session 1): June 22 – June 26, 2020
Wild Blue Explorers (Session 2): July 6 – July 10 , 2020                        Wild Blue Warriors (Session 2): July 13 – July 17, 2020
Wild Blue Warriors (Session 3): July 20 – July 24, 2020                        Wild Blue Explorers (Session 3): July 27 – June 31, 2020
Wild Blue Warriors (Session 4): August 3 – August 7, 2020

Cost: An early-bird discount rate of $199/camper is available until April 1, 2020.

After 4/1/2020 the cost per camper is $249 ** a multi-sibling 10% off discount is available for regularly priced camp.

All campers receive a Wild Blue Ropes t-shirt.

Wild Blue Ropes Summer Day Camps are held at  Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park 1595 Highland Avenue, Charleston SC 29412  (843)225-1555

Sign Up:
Contact or call (843)225-1555 to register or ask questions. You can also book your experience at