getting ready for the holidays

Ahhh November. Even though it hasn’t exactly felt like Fall here in Charleston, South Carolina, once Daylight Savings kicked off, we hit the ground running. We are getting ready to embark on the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Calendars are filling up quickly. That photo session for your family’s annual holiday card is next week. Who’s coming for Thanksgiving?  Who’s house are we doing it at this year? And what are we even supposed to bring?

Not to mention, you haven’t done any holiday shopping yet. And what about all those parties you’ve been invited to? You haven’t even thought about hostess gifts. –

Hold on just a second!

Take a breath, a very deep breath! Now let’s forge forward into this exciting, celebratory time with a new resolve.

Let’s make some memories! Let’s share experiences and do great things together. Give an experiential gift this year instead of a matching scarf and gloves set. Give your neighbors a Wild Blue Ropes gift card instead of fruit cake and then ask them to come climb with your family one day!

Build relationships. Support those less fortunate, and reconnect with the real spirit of the season. And let’s all make some time to go outside!

putting helmet on at Wild Blue

Adventures bring us together for what truly is the most important time of the year. Enjoy time together. Laugh a lot. Make a memory. Reconnect and motivate. But most importantly – celebrate!

2 girls talking on the course

Let’s get this season started!