As Charleston’s premier high climbing ropes and challenge course, signing up for a Wild Blue Ropes’ adventure guarantees fun with an added side of fitness and focus. Get prepared to be strapped in and climb high!

Ready for a fantastic workout that will challenge your body, mind and spirit? High and low ropes challenge courses offer a true crossfit type workout with an added bonus of being outdoors, all while pulling you out of your comfort zone. This workout will make you feel like a competitor on American Ninja Warrior!

girl on ropes course

Wild Blue Ropes, a ropes and adventure course in Charleston, SC, has both a high and low ropes challenge course workout builds strength, agility and improves endurance. Multiple challenge stations will definitely keep your heart muscle pumping.

And say goodbye to daily crunches. By working out on the ropes, your core muscles are put to the test as you work on balance and flexibility. Obstacles wobble and shake as you traverse them, engaging your core muscles consistently and continuously.

Cardio and endurance kick in the moment you step into your harness and ascend the ropes at Wild Blue Ropes. Each challenge can be tailored to your body. You can work up a sweat with a jog or go straight into a sprint.

Full body workouts have never been this much FUN! Upper body and grip muscles are challenged as you swing, pull and lift yourself through suspended elements of the course. Tarzan has nothing on you!

And get your head in the game because these courses are also mentally demanding! The Wild Blue Ropes courses are great for mental stimulation. Your brain begins working overtime on conquering fear, problem solving and risk taking. By the end of your Challenge Course workout, your self-esteem and confidence will be boosted!

team building

Young or old, an aerial challenge course is a great way to achieve, maintain and improve your overall fitness. There’s nothing quite like physically challenging yourself at 35 feet in the air!

And consider a Charleston team building program with your crossfit gym or your co-workers! Maybe make it a date or just bring a buddy!