Everyone knows the best present you can give your better half is quality time together. That’s why finding fun activities for Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC is key to making the holiday an extra-special occasion.


Valentine's Day in Charleston SC at Wild Blue Ropes Charleston

Whether you’re married, in an LTR, or looking for a fun first date idea, Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC is an outdoor activity to look forward to.


Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC is a perfect opportunity to try something new and adventurous – especially after the year we’ve just had! 


Step it up a notch from your quarantine date nights, and try a new game plan that may just bring you closer together. What’s more romantic than that?

Whether you’ve been together a hot minute or for many years, we all know that coming up with a great Valentine’s Day date idea can be can be stressful. This is probably even more true during the worldwide corona virus pandemic. However just take a look at the upside. While things may look and feel different this year, there are still plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for your person.


Valentine's Day at Wild Blue

Take your love to new heights this Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC, at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park

Focus on your mutual love language

As we get older, we sometimes forget the things that made us feel great as kids. It’s easy to shake those feelings by getting outdoors, and doing something playful. Try something tactile and energetic to reignite your inner child. An adventure at Wild Blue Ropes is is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC.



Valentine's Day in Charleston SC

Valentine’s Date Night Climb at Wild Blue Ropes 2021


Take an adventure in your own local neighborhood.


Some of your favorite local Charleston spots may be closed due to Covid-19, but there are still plenty of fun options to explore. This Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC, get out of your comfort zone (safely of course) and have a fabulous time doing it! Learning something new is a great way to bond, and physical exercise releases feel-good endorphins. It’s always a great idea to unplug, and unwind outdoors. Plus – engaging in active adventures together helps us build trust, support, and teamwork.



Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Charleston SC with a wild outdoor adventure



Novelty is good for couples and keeps things exciting. Make great memories together as you conquer suspended obstacles while watching the sunset (shared memories have been shown to increase happiness). After climbing enjoy a BYOB picnic dinner around the bonfire, and bond (socially distanced of course) with like minded adventurers.

Tickets are ONLY $75 / couple for this special evening adventure. It’s always a very popular event, so reservations are strongly encouraged.

Don’t overthink it this year. Instead trust yourself to come up with amazing Valentine’s Day date ideas. Whatever you decide on, don’t forget to capture it with an Insta-worthy photo paired with the perfect caption. Trust us, it’ll be a Valentine’s day activity you never forget!

And if you are looking for an awesome V-Day gift that won’t promote clutter (or rot your teeth), a WBR gift certificate is always a great idea! Just like visiting Charleston!


Skip the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner, flowers & chocolate – and head over to Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park for an exciting, adrenaline filled night! On Saturday February 13th, 2021 – beginning at 5 pm – let Wild Blue Ropes take you and your sweetheart to new heights.