The After-School Program You Can Trust

Keeping your kids active after a long school day can be challenging, especially when you need your time to unwind after work and get ready for the next day. It is important that your children find a sport or hobby that keeps them moving and helps them get their minds off their everyday childhood stress. Creating memories as a kid is important, and helping them do so as a parent can be rewarding.

Finding the right hobby for your child after school can be difficult. With so many sports options and things to do, you need to help your kid find something that they enjoy. At Wild Blue Ropes, we proudly offer after-school programs for children ages 6 to 14 years old. The after-school adventure program provides your child with opportunities to cultivate cooperation, leadership, and personal responsibility. We will provide students with unique physical and mental challenges while exploring the heights of outdoor recreation. Our program is more than what meets the eye, it is a stimulating and exciting adventure that ranges from simple to complex, as they face each new obstacle. This Afterschool adventure program is a great choice for kids with some climbing experience who are looking to build on their existing skill sets.

Wild Blue Ropes challengers are always supervised by our well-trained staff who participate through demonstration, instruction, and support. Your child will always be in good hands and you will never have to worry about their safety. The program consists of three main goals, adventure, playtime, and outdoor recreation. With the proper guidance and minimal skill, your child can find a hobby that suits them and keeps them moving.

Our team is filled with experienced and knowledgeable staff who will always go the extra mile to ensure your child is safe and comfortable. Our sessions run for 2.5 hours per week, for 5 weeks. Our competitive prices make it impossible for you to not let your child experience new things and try new activities. If you have been searching for the perfect after-school program for your children, Wild Blue Ropes is the team to count on. If you have any questions about our program, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting with you and your kids!