To connect with your family more in 2021, try starting a family adventure bucket list detailing all the adventures you’d like to try together.


Family Adventure Bucket List for 2021

Staying active is a critical component in staying healthy. So is bonding with family and friends. What’s on your 2021 Bucket List?


There Has Never Been a Better Time to start a Family Adventure Bucket List


We’ve all had our kids on lock-down for almost a year now, between remote learning, working from home, social distancing, quarantine, and even isolation. Yes, we all know it’s necessary but that doesn’t make our present lives any easier. Stir crazy – check! Longing for human interaction – you betcha! Need to get out of the house, and out in the world – we feel y’all! Yet when we free our imagination to look just a little beyond all this craziness, we can surely ignite little bits of hope! Might we suggest writing those ideas down, and putting them in a literal bucket?!  Like we said, to connect with your family more in 2021, you should try starting a family adventure bucket list detailing all the adventures you’d like to try together.


“You have to search for little bits of hope when circumstances threaten to crowd out your life. Be invested in seeking out the spark, investing in making the most of where you are, and find a way to embrace the fog.” ~ Kathryn Lang


Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park Charleston SC

Your Bucket List for Family Fun Adventures – Come climb with us in Charleston SC


Start a family adventure bucket list!

The concept of a bucket list has definitely been around for a while, yet it’s often associated with later in life shenanigans, so the concept might be new to your children. Explain that it’s a great way to collaborate on all the fun things you’d like to do together when the Covid threat is over, and we are quite certain they’ll get on board right away. It’s fun way to ignite hope and forward thinking while generating input from the whole family. Some folks even refer to it as a “dream list”.


Let’s GO!


STEP 1: Take the long view. Look to the future with hope, and plan all your family adventure wishes accordingly!


STEP 2: Get the gang together, explain what a bucket list is, and give examples of WILD* family adventure ideas (*might we suggest tackling the gigantic “jungle gym” in Charleston SC ~ also known as Wild Blue Ropes).  And – all suggestions are fine as long they involve family adventure! Encourage healthy debate. Let everyone share their unique ideas, and explain why they believe each one should make the top ten list.


STEP 3: Once everyone has had a turn it’s time to narrow down the options, and create a united Family Top 10 list of the all the adventures you would most like to do together in 2021.


STEP 4: Write your Top 10 To-Do items on index cards, or notes, and drop them in a … bucket (or jar etc). Also, If you end up with more than 10 family adventure ideas no problem, put those in a separate Plan B bucket.


STEP 5: It’s finally time! Draw an adventure out of the bucket, and then look at your family calendar and make a date. Start planning what supplies you may need, research what you should wear, bring, and prepare for. Most importantly – GET EXCITED!


Happy times ahead – buckle up!


It’s not much longer now!



It’s going to be awesome once the world can get out and accomplish all of these incredible adventures together again. Be sure to write them down in an Family Adventure Journal. Keep the adventure activities in your immediate family, or invite friends and relatives! Do your Family Adventure Bucket List in your hometown or …. someday dare to travel again.


Whatever you do, and wherever you are in this world, we HOPE you do adventure as a family! In our opinion, that’s the part that makes it the most fun. And as your children grow up so will their dreams. Keep your hopes high, and your plans for great adventures exuberant!


One day soon we hope all of us realize that families who have made it through this Covid-19 pandemic together, can accomplish anything!